Attend a 2-day advanced training at the Executive Training Resort in Arizona for $2,500 (food and accommodations included) and receive the following benefits: 


  • You will receive a licensed professionals personality training kit —including manuals, presentation slides, ebooks and client booklets— to prepare you for implementation success. 

  • You and your business will be showcased on the official website. You and each counselor, coach or clergy member in your center will have a one page, optimized professional information page on our office personality expert site. It is one more perfect way to be found online by those searching for specific services. 

  • Ordinarily, the Primary Colors Test Series costs $248. However, you will be able to provide this same highly effective online personality and relationship series to your clients for only $99. This means that as PCPT licensees, you will save each client who benefits from the PCPT personality series of tests $148.  Your clients will deeply appreciate this savings. 

  • You will be paid a 20% thank you support fee for each client taking the $99 Primary Colors Test Series (after the minimum required one Primary Colors Test Series a month). In essence, instead of YOU or your business paying to utilize these amazing personality assessment tools, you will actually be getting paid to better and more effectively serve your clients.

  • You will be placing yourself at the cutting edge as a mental health professional and you will be able to advertise your skills in this area of mental health in a whole new light.

  • Most importantly, as a licensed Primary Colors Personality Expert, each time your client completes the Primary Colors Test Series you will receive a professional comprehensive summary of their personality scores and an in-depth look into their personality. This can be incredibly valuable because you get a much fuller picture of what personality traits light up in various situations or under various stressors.



Advanced Personality Training