Advanced Personality Training
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What is required to become a Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Expert?

1. Enroll in our Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality ONLINE Training for $1,500.

(Scholarships to reduce advanced training costs are available for churches, non-profit and clergy).

  • The Advanced Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Training is available online. The training can be completed at your convenience in the comfort of your home or office.

  • Once you have completed the training, you will have access to all materials, ebooks, manuals, presentation slides and videos and client booklets that come with the in-person advanced training at the resort in Arizona.

  • There is an assessment at the end of the online training. Don't worry, it's to insure your ability to help your clients with our assessments. There is no failing, but you might have to retake a section if you do not understand it as we would like for you to.

  • You will receive everything the in-person training provides to our experts as well.


2. Attend an in person 2-day Advanced training at the luxury Relationship Help Resort in Arizona with personality and relationship expert Dawn Billings, author and architect of Primary Colors Personality and Insight Tools for only $2,500.00.  This comes highly recommended.

(materials, meals and luxury accommodations included).

      You will receive the following benefits: 

  • You will receive a licensed professionals personality training kit —including manuals, presentation slides, ebooks and client booklets— to prepare you for implementation success. 

  • Ordinarily, the Primary Colors Test Series costs $248. However, you will be able to provide this same highly effective online personality and relationship series to your clients for only $99. This means that as Primary Colors Relationship Personality licensees, you will save each client who benefits from the relationship personality series of tests $148.  Your clients will deeply appreciate this savings. But more than that, they will love the easy to use app we have created for them.

  • Now your clients can take the series of six relationship personality tests on their phone, tablet, or laptop. We have made this experience not only easy, but fun. After each test they will receive a great deal of information about the color tendencies in their contextual color blends. They will be able to compare how their color blend tendencies change depending on life and emotional contexts. We are never just one set of skills and strengths. We as human beings are contextual.

  • You will be paid a 20% thank you support fee for each client taking the $99 Primary Colors Test Series (after the minimum requirement of ONE Primary Colors Relationship Test Series a month). Can you believe it? All that is required to maintain your expert personality license is that ONE test series be taken a month. But you are never limited to the number of relationship test series you can access each month.

    In essence, instead of YOU or your business paying to license and utilize these amazing relationship personality assessment tools, you can actually be getting rewarded to better and more effectively serve your clients.


  • You will be placing yourself at the cutting edge as a mental health, counseling, or coaching professional and you will be able to advertise your expert personality skills in this area in a whole new light.

  • Most importantly, as a licensed Primary Colors Personality Expert, each time your client completes the Primary Colors Relationship Test Series you will receive a professional comprehensive summary of their personality scores and an in-depth look into their positive and negative relationship personality tendencies. This can be incredibly valuable because you get a much fuller picture of what personality tendencies can damage their relationship in extreme situations or under various stressors.

  • You and your business will be showcased on the Personality-Expert.com official website. You and each counselor, coach or clergy member in your center will have a one page, optimized professional information page on our official personality expert site. It is one more perfect way to be found online by those searching for specific services.