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Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Tests
just got easier and more fun to take!


The Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Tests are easy to access as an app that allows you and your clients to enjoy taking our expert series of six relationship personality tests on your phone, laptop, or computer. We have made taking the tests as easy as popping bubbles. This is much better, and so much more fun, than taking the tedious outdated written versions. Our new website app allows you to take the personality tests in three life contexts, as well as taking the stress, anger, and strength versus warmth values test.

After completion of each test you receive great information about your color blend in each context, but best of all, it is all stored for you online in your Primary Colors Personality account for you to access at any time, anywhere, day or night.

Isn't it time you enhanced your counseling practice to include this series of extraordinary relationship personality tests? The insight you and your clients gain from the information provided by these tests will not only help your clients make much faster progress, but make your job so much easier at the same time.

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The Primary Colors Relationship Help Personality Tests and Insight Tools have become so incredibly helpful and widespread that many professionals are now opting to upgrade to becoming official Primary Colors Personality-Experts so they can provide their clients with greater access to more in-depth personality tools at a fraction of the cost.

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